About Us

What’s behind of glassprojects.org?

www.glassprojects.org is a website dedicated to to spread information and infomration about glass projects worldwide and inspirations how the glass is used in the buildings.

We are looking to create a great online resource for glass fabricators and architects get noticed about new glass projects.

Glass is not a temporary fashion! Glass is changing the method of construction, and with its structural, thermal, energetic, comfortable, and aesthetic characteristics, it is replacing other construction materials.

Who is behind of glassprojects.org?

www.glassprojects.org is today only a website for glass projects resources on the net. Driven by a desire for constant improvement, the glassproject.org team collaborates with glass and fenestration experts from all over the world.

Thanks to its team which possesses all the necessary experience and know-how, www.glassprojects.org is the ideal source for your complete and objective information on the glass projects.

If you have any suggestions or to reach out to us with ideas, visit our contact page.

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